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For first and only time in history, Golden Age Aeroplane Works L.L.C. has brought together master craftsman’s skill and engineering data in order to produce airworthy reproduction P-26A Peashooters. As a top Army Air Corps pursuit fighter in the mid 30’s, the Peashooter was known for it’s maneuverability and was considered a charm to fly. Today, only two original P-26A’s are known to exist and currently reside in museums. Never before has an accurate P-26 reproduction been available. A limited number of these historic aircraft are currently being manufactured. The original structural and system specifications are being built from original blueprints and are being manufactured as if they were a continuation of the production line from the 1930’s. As with the originals, these aircraft will be powered by Pratt and Whitney R-1340 engines. Presently, only one aircraft is being offered.
Tim O'Connor
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Airport Address 1019 Ave A
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